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Restoration & Repair

Keeping Your Art Glass Windows Beautiful

Restore your art glass windows to their original condition, ensuring their continuing beauty and enabling them to last a lifetime. At Art Glass Unlimited, we have experience with a wide range of stained glass restoration projects, including religious, residential, and commercial buildings.

Stained Glass in Church

How to Evaluate Your Windows for Restoration

  • Check for Bulging - Are there any areas that are bowing or bulging in or out?
  • Check Cement - Carefully shake or tap the window and listen for rattling.
  • Check for Broken Glass - Can you see any glass that is broken or bulging?
  • Check Putty - Check edges of the window to see if it's still intact to the frame.
  • Check for Broken Solder Joints - Look at the cross sections of lead to check for broken joints.
  • Check Bars - If the window has bars, check to see if they are attached.
  • Check Frames - Is there any water leakage or rotting wood?